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Check out the most frequently asked questions below — and if you still have questions after that, be sure to contact us any time by clicking here or emailing us. You can also chat/message us via Skype. Our ID is: SopranoTipsHQ.

Q: How many tips do you send out each day?
A: We send out 1-2 tips each day, together with our strategic recommendation on the exact wager to place. You’ll typically receive 2 tips to place in a Double (Parlay) bet, or 1 tip to place as a standard single bet.

Q: What time do you send your tips out?
A: We typically send out our tips, via email, between 10.30am & 11.30am UK time (GMT) each day.

Q: Can I still place wagers on your tips if I’m in the US, Canada or Australia?
A: Sure you can. Don’t let your geographical location hold you back. Due to the various rules & regulations in the different parts of the world, your best option would be to open accounts at one of the bookmakers we recommend. This will enable you to place wagers on most of our tips. Just be sure to check the coverage with your bookmaker prior to opening an account.  If you’re based in Europe, you will have no problem at all placing wagers on all of our tips.

Q: How do your subscription prices compare to other similar services?
A: If you’ve looked around, then you’ve probably already seen some services for $27 a month… while other services charge $2,000 per tip, right up to $12,000 a tip for “fixed matches” or “correct score” tips. Based on that, we’d say our subscription rates are affordable… and our success rates (and profits) are considerably higher than most.

Q: Are your stated results genuine?
A: Yes they are. When we have losses, we always include them in the website. We never swap them out for fake “winning tips” like a lot of other websites do. However, if you do not trust us, or you do not think our results are genuine (for any reason), then please look for an alternate service. There are plenty available out there. It’s your money and your call. No hard feelings.

Q: Do you have results available in your website for previous months’ tips?
A: No. The only results we currently show are on our homepage. That should be sufficient enough for you to see the accuracy & profitability of our tips and our service.

Q: How do you generate your tips? What methods do you use?
A: We base our tips based on acquired intel from our hand-picked experts, strategically located around the world. We get to know all the insider info… what’s going down… and (more importantly) where the big money is going.

That’s the standard procedure we follow religiously prior to sending out any of our tips. It’s also why we achieve and retain such a high strike rate, and why you’ll be generating a good profit every month once you partner up with us. Our overall record – albeit a little shorter than most – speaks for itself.

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Q: Do I need to have previous betting experience?
A: No you don’t. With the way we’ve organized our deal, it doesn’t matter at all if you’re a complete novice that’s never even placed a bet before in your life… or if you’re an experienced seasoned punter who’s tried every other service or “system” imaginable. You don’t have to be a betting wizard, a “human computer” or even a mathematical genius either. Nor do you need to spend months or years on end “learning the ropes”… studying… then trying to laboriously grind your way to the top. Forget all that.

Our trusted & hand-picked experts have already done all the “hard work” for you. All you need do is open the email we send you… place your bet/s… then relax & collect your winnings.

Q: Do your tips win all the time?
A: No they don’t. Any service claiming 100% wins (or even 90%+ wins) should be avoided like an angry husband with a shotgun. It’s just not possible in the real world. Our overall objective is to insure you generate a decent profit every month.

Q: Am I required to pay taxes on my winnings?
A: Good question. I just had a quiet word with our resident bean counter, and it’s like this: If you’re in the UK/Eire, Europe, Canada, Australia or the Far East then your winnings are 100% tax free. If you’re in the US or South Africa, your winnings are taxable to a degree. The latter applies to a handful of European countries too – so check first if you’re in doubt, ok?

Q: What kind of staking plan or system do you recommend?
A: While we leave staking levels up to each individual investor, we’d always recommend you never stake more than 5%-10% of your bank on any one wager. We’ll be happy to advise you further on request. We also cover this subject in greater detail in your VIP Member Zone.

A quick word of advice though: You should never bet on our tips with money you cannot afford to lose. That’s just plain stupid. It makes you a mug punter and turns you into your bookie’s bitch – and that ain’t a place you ever wanna get to. Period. So if you ever find yourself in that situation, or close to it, you should stop — chill out, take a break — and come back again when your situation changes.

Q: Why types of tips do you send out?
A: We typically send out
Under/Over Goals (U/O), Asian Handicap (AH) and home/away/draw (1-X-2) tips. Because of that, all our tips are very easy to place. In fact you can place your wagers at virtually any & all online bookmakers, wherever you are in the world.

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Q: Which sports does your service cover?
A: With our VIP Service, we currently send out football/soccer tips only — from all the major European leagues & competitions.

Q: Am I tied to using any particular bookmaker with your service?
A: No you’re not. We recommend different bookies based on their currently available offers & respective bonuses… but you are free to use any bookmaker you like, online or land-based. We’ll advise you more in your VIP Member Zone Area.

Q: What subscription payment methods do you accept?
A: We currently accept payment online via PayPal (all major credit cards accepted.) Be sure to contact us if you need any assistance with making your subscription payment via your preferred method.

Q: I still have questions. How can I contact you?
A: If you have any questions regarding our service, feel free to contact us anytime via email or Skype.

Q: Do you offer any help, support or advice after I’ve subscribed?
A: Sure we do! As a valued subscriber to our exclusive Sports Betting Service, you can contact us anytime via email or Skype. You’ll also have access to your VIP Member Zone Area covering all the additional information & guidance you’ll need for an immediate & profitable start.

Q: What can you tell me to convince me to subscribe to your service?
A: Not much really. It’s your call. What you see is what you get. You either choose to subscribe and start generating yourself regular tax free profits – or you ultimately choose not to subscribe. The choice is yours. We’re happy either way.

That being said, if you’re still undecided or “on the fence”, then with all due respect, we’d rather you step aside and let a serious sports investor take your place instead. We’ve never had the need to try and coax, coerce, cajole or convince anyone that they might “need” our services. Nor do we intend to start now. We are the real deal.

Q: Ok… I’m ready to get started! What do I do next?
A: Simple. Just click the pic below…
soprano tips winning soccer football tips 4u

Need any further info? Still got questions? No probs. Contact us any time by clicking here or emailing us.

You can also chat/message us via Skype. Our ID is: SopranoTipsHQ.

It’d be great to hear from you.

We look forward to welcoming you into The Family, and helping you generate some serious cash over the coming months with our exclusive sports investment service.

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